Jan 20 2016

Cafe of Life Longmont Chiropractic and Massage Studio

Cafe of Life Longmont is a very modern and upbeat chiropractic and massage studio located at 1325 Dry Creek Dr #307, Longmont, CO 80503.  This isn’t your typical stuffy doctor’s office folks.

When you come in the front door at Cafe of Life, you’re welcomed by soothing music, a warm atmosphere, and friendly staff at the front desk.   By design, Dr. Jessica Thompson creates an atmosphere that  is quite serene and tranquil.  To complement the surroundings, Dr. Jessica offers top notch chiropractic and massage services.

Her chiropractic service includes a free consultation where she performs a thorough examination, and explains her findings before performing any adjustments.  She performs “Zone  Healing Chiropractic” to alleviate various illnesses, sport injuries, and to help heal children and pregnant women.

She  also offers massage services including “Body Bliss“, “Aromatherapy Bliss“, “Ashiatsu Bliss“, and “Deep Detox“.

Dr. Jessica’s philosophy is quite interesting…

“Café of Life is a place that thinks radically different about health. It is about people, life and living. Where health, life and human potential are honored and focused upon at all times. Where the public is being “Served The Exceptional Zone Chiropractic Experience”


Our heart’s desire is to serve humanity with love and teach the principles of life, health, healing, wellness and well being inherent to Chiropractic Philosophy. We are committed to the Path of Mastery by being continuous students of life and Chiropractic. Leading by example to the best of our ability is our main focus in order to inspire and help others on their healing journey.”

If you are seeking a quality Longmont Chiropractor, you should pay a visit to the Cafe of Life Longmont at 1325 Dry Creek Dr #307, Longmont, CO 80503
or call 303.827.3541 for an appointment.

May 01 2015

Longmont Pooper Scooper

Debbie Conn is owner and operator of Scoopy Doo’s pooper scooper service in Longmont.  For over 20 years Sccopy Doos has been providing dog waste & poop scooper services for residential, commercial, and HOA clients in Longmont, Boulder, Niwot, Firestone, Frederick Colorado.  Operating a pooper scooper service does come with its challenges. Debbie and her team not only have to deal with removing the poop, but they also are faced with befriending dogs of all breeds and ages.  Building trust with each dog is key to safely entering owner’s back yards while they are away.  The team must also accommodate varying schedules and inclement weather.

Their pooper scooper service involves systematically removing dog waste from the entire grounds.  Scoopy Doo’s customers appreciate the thoroughness of the process and the resulting clean yard.  Scoopy Doo’s service is quite affordable for those who enjoy having a dog, but would rather not deal with the routine cleanup.  For more information, visit their website.

Sccopy Doos
2607 Stratford Lane
Longmont, CO 80503

Jan 18 2015

Longmont Chiropractor

Cafe of Life Longmont offers an excellent service in combining chiropractic and massage services to best suite their customer’s needs.  The process starts with a thorough evaluation by their chiropractor, Dr. Jessica Thompson.  She save’s clients money and guess by determining which  therapy is appropriate for the individual.  Dr. Jessica performs her evaluation and then recommends either chiropractic or massage, and sometimes both.  Each client’s situation is different, and sometimes she only recommends chiropractic treatment, and other times she only recommends massage.  Other times she recommends massage followed up with chiropractic and vice versa.  For example, massage can relax the muscles around a subluxation where it makes the chiropractic adjustment more effective and longer lasting.

Cafe of Life Longmont may also incorporate laser therapy into the treatment process for addressing lower back pain, neck pain, and more. Proper evaluation is the key in determining the proper treatment plan.  That’s where Longmont Chiropractor Jessica Thompson brings significant value to her customers.

For more information, contact:

Cafe of Life Longmont
1325 Dry Creek Dr #307
Longmont, CO 80503
(303) 827-3541
Longmont Chiropractor

Feb 05 2013

Rutherford Plumbing Heating & Cooling

February 5th, 2013
People don’t think about their plumbing, heating, and cooling systems until there is a problem. And it always seems that your water heater leaks, or the furnace or air conditioner breaks at the worst possible time. That’s why it’s important to use a service company who is always available to handle those situations when they happen.

Rutherford Plumbing, Heating & Cooling is a family owned company who can repair, service, or install any aspect of your furnace and air conditioning system. We are also a full service plumbing company that can handle leaks, drips, clogs, and floods. We have over 16 years of experience serving the Murfreesboro area. We back all of our plumbing, furnace or air conditioner repairs and installs with an ironclad 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
We offer the following:

  • 24 Hour Service, Evening, Weekends & Holidays
  • Same day service
  • NO after hours or holiday fees.
  • Servicing of all brands, makes and models

Be sure to ask how you can save 10% off any service or repair today!!!

100% satisfaction guaranteed on all repairs!!!

Call our Murfreesboro office today at (615) 809-4746.
Rutherford Plumbing, Heating and Cooling
132 Melstone Ct
Murfreesboro, TN 37127
(615) 809-4746

Feb 05 2013

Avina Painting Group

February 5th, 2013
We are a family owned residential and commercial painting company located right in here in Longmont, with over 30 years of collective experience.  We are young, ambitious and focused on quality and customer satisfaction. My brother and I grew up right here in Longmont learning the residential and commercial painting trade from our father at a very young age, and through the process, we have learned the importance and value of offering  the highest quality painting services at a very competitive rate.  We get most of work from referrals, so we never sacrifice on quality, reliability or our integrity for anything, even if that means spending additional time on the  job to make it right for our customers.

Our painting quality, efficiency and customer satisfaction are a direct result of the way we do business.  We have implemented and consistently follow well defined processes that  result in superior quality and efficiency that keeps our prices low, and makes our customers thrilled with the results.   See our Exterior Painting Process and our Interior Painting Process pages for details.

We take great pride in what our customers say about us, so please visit our Testimonials page and see our Google Reviews. Also check out our Painting Projects page to see before and after photos of a few projects.

Thanks for taking the time to visit our website, and we hope to hear from you.

Call our Longmont office at your convenience for a free estimate!

Apr 25 2012

For R. Campos Masonry, Customer Service Is Key

April 25th, 2012
Looking to build a multimillion dollar stone mansion in the foothills, or a simple cinder block retaining  wall?  R. Campos Masonry does it all! Rolando Campos, founder and owner of R. Campos Masonrystarted his business back in 1988, and has built a successful business and an impressive portfolio of incredible stone and brick homes, as well as cinder block commercial buildings along the front range.

When asking Rolando his key to success, he said “there are several things, but besides the obvious of doing top quality work at a good  price, I always listen closely to my customers and make sure they get what they really want. “  “It’s also important that I make myself available to them, and always have an open line of communication.”    “I don’t care what time it is, if it’s one of my customers trying to get a hold of me, I will stop everything to talk to them.”  “If it isn’t possible at that moment, I will call them back as  soon as I possibly can.” “Customer Service is the key.”

R. Campos Masonry specializes in custom Stone homes and custom Stucco homes, but they also do brick and block construction.

For more information, see: http://rcamposmasonry.com

R. Campos Masonry
1727 15th St
Boulder, CO 80234

Jan 27 2012

Local Chambers of Commerce – Missing Opportunities

January 27th, 2012
We are members of multiple Chambers of Commerce and regularly attend chamber events. There is a lot of good that comes out of chamber activities, but I am regularly disappointed by the chamber’s inability and/or unwillingness to address political issues that impact small businesses.

Local Chambers of Commerce have an opportunity (and in my opinion an obligation to membership) to do everything they can to increase commerce in the communities and markets they serve – but from my perspective seem to spend a vast majority of time and resources focusing on membership business card exchanges. Nice, but this relegates local chambers to only a fraction of their potential for making a real impact on local economies.

What companies of all sizes, from Walmart and Microsoft to Jane’s Antique Store on Main Street need is political stability. And right now in the United States we do not have it. We do not have stability and clear focus at the national level, state level, or city/local level. The idea that Chambers of Commerce, representing all businesses that participate in local commerce (even multi-national corporations) feel that they cannot or should not try to influence politicians into making decisions that make business conditions and markets more stable is a real missed opportunity for all of us.

Regardless of whether you are a liberal or a conservative, vote Republican, Democrat, Independent, Green, Libertarian, or have another affiliation, we can all agree that political and economic instability is bad for business. Right now, our governments (national, state, and local) are making it more difficult for business to make commitments into the future. We (all companies of all sizes) do not know what our future liabilities will be for taxes (income and investment), staffing (healthcare, third party participation…), or energy (emissions) – among the many other items that impact our businesses. And from what I can tell the local Chambers of Commerce are doing nothing to influence this. Again – I am not saying local chambers need to take specific political positions, but certainly working with politicians to get to a stable playing field should be in the scope of any organization presenting itself as a champion of commerce.

By standing on the sidelines, our local chambers render themselves impotent. They prove that they are not capable of leading an organization of small and large business owners and stakeholders, and that they are not fully committed to the growth of commerce in our communities, states, and nation.

Dec 02 2011

True Security of Denver Opens Their Doors

December 2nd, 2011
True Security of Denver, a security guard services business located in downtown Denver recently opened their doors for business.  Thomas D, spokes person for True Security, is very optimistic about their future.  “We found a niche in the Denver security guard services market where we can deliver the highest quality security services at a competitive rate.”

“Our main focus is on delivering superior quality services to our customers”, said Thomas. “We accomplish this through an extensive evaluation and training program of our security officers. Our Officer quality is the heart and foundation of our Corporation; therefore, we strive to continuously maintain and upgrade this important topic. First, our employee selection process is completely unique and specialized to hire the people best suited for the various post(s) assignments. Although our interview, screening, and testing process is long and involved, we enjoy a higher employee retention rate and greater client satisfaction, from our detailed and rigorous hiring efforts; which over time lowers our operating costs, that allows a more affordable rate and premium Officer quality service for our clients.  Our goal is to have our officers recognize potential security incidents and diffuse them before they occur.”

True Security of Denver plans to expand operations to service Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Boulder, Longmont, and most cities along the Colorado Front Range.

True Security of Denver
999 18th St. Ste 3000
Denver, CO 80202

Nov 23 2011

The Gold Market Jewelers Brings Hi-Tech Jewelry Design In House

November 23rd, 2011
The Gold Market Jewelers at 16th & Pace Street in Longmont are now offering a high-tech  jewelry design service that is interactive and fun for the customer.

“We now have an innovative 3-D custom design studio that is cost-effective and user friendly so you can be part of the design process” said Joe Faissal, owner and operator of the Gold Market Jewelers.  “Jewelery is very personal, and an expression of one’s self, so it makes sense that some customers would like to put their special touch on a jewelry piece”, said Faissal.  “With the 3-D custom design software, the  process is amazingly simple and fun.  We’ve been getting great feedback from our customers so far, so we’re really excited about the future of custom design jewelry, right here in Longmont”!

Longmont Custom Design Jewelry
The Gold Market Jewelers
1610 Pace Street, Unit 1000
Longmont, CO 80504

(303) 834-8981

Oct 15 2011

Carworks of Longmont Auto Repair Focuses on Customer Satisfaction

October 15th, 2011
Recently LBM had a brief discussion with Steve Smith, owner of Carworks of Longmont Auto Repair who is quite excited about their future. “It’s great to see our company grow in such a difficult economy”.  Carworks of Longmont has seen solid growth for the last couple years. We attribute our growth to making sure our customers receive quality auto repair services at a reasonable rate.  It’s our top priority. This way they will come back to see us when they need auto repair services in the future.  Keeping customers happy in a small town like Longmont is not only good for return business, but we anticipate our customer base telling friends and family about having a good experience at Carworks. That’s where we see ROI on our customer satisfaction efforts.

Carworks of Longmont Auto Repair
1406 Coffman Street
Longmont, CO 80501
(303) 776-1888

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