Feb 09 2013

We can help your business grow!

We are operating in what has been called the ‘New Economy’. There are two critical components to this New Economy that have a direct impact on small businesses:

  1. Business is moving to the Internet at a pace faster than ever imagined. Companies are utilizing websites and on-line social networking tools to build markets, prospect for new customers, and ultimately drive revenue and profit. Your customers are now using the web to find products and services – making advertising and new business leads several times more expensive through traditional media than through on-line channels.
  2. Consumers are reducing spending and in many cases markets are contracting or static. In the New Economy, business is gained by changing buying behaviors of consumers who are currently buying your product in your market but from other sources (your competitors).

Many small businesses have under-performing websites and do not have comprehensive marketing and advertising strategies that fit the needs of our New Economy. Ensuring an effective and efficient on-line presence that is aligned with your sales processes is critical to your business’ success.

We believe that if your business meets the following criteria, our products will help you build your web presence and more effectively manage your marketing and advertising investments:

  • Potential customers search for your products and services using local market search resources (phone book, newspapers, local on-line searches).
  • Your company’s website is underperforming: There are a large number of on-line searches for your product in your market, but you are not seeing results. Your website is not driving business as it should, or you do not have a website for your business.
  • You desire a better understanding of how the money you are spending on business marketing is linked to your company’s profit, and how this ‘marketing mix’ can be improved (spend less, get more).
  • Your business is not meeting its potential or operating at full capacity.
  • Your business operates with integrity and provides quality goods and services.