Internet Marketing Services

December 22nd, 2013 by

Traditional marketing techniques such as phone book ads, and other hard copy media are losing traction in the New Economy. Over 80% of households in the US have Internet service, and are using it to find local products and services via Google Local Search (primarily).

Younger generations that used to carry cell phones are now trading them in for Blackberrys and iphones with media rich data services for Internet access, and again are using them to find local products and services with Google. The future of marketing will primarily be online.

Longmont Business Marketing may leverage several technologies and services to achieve your Internet marketing goals, depending on your industry and other considerations. We have an arsenal of marketing tools and strategies. LBM takes all the technical complexity out of the picture to simplify your marketing experience. We’ll analyze your business and competition and customize a strategy leveraging the appropriate tools and technologies so you do not have to. We keep it simple and effective, guaranteed. The following are some of the technologies and services we use:


Internet-based Marketing Technologies and Services: